Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Blevins Bicycle Company began as a humble backyard shop built from the ground up from the perspective of a bicycle mechanic.  From a 700 square foot shed to a massive 8000 square foot storefront in South Huntsville, Blevins Bicycle Company has always had the fundamental belief that a working bicycle is the most important aspect of cycling. 

My passion for riding started over a decade ago working at various bicycle shops around North Alabama. Like any good bike shop mechanic I took my work home with me. It didn't feel like work at the time. I mean, it's my passion and I wanted folks to ride well maintained bicycles.

- M. Blevins

After wrenching all day at a bike shop Matthew went home and wrenched on friend’s bikes. In early 2011 Matthew split ways with the shop he worked at and started doing repairs and fittings full time out of the humble backyard shop. Within a couple of months repairs and fittings started flowing in so much so it became obvious that it was time to expand and follow the dream of owning a “legit” bicycle shop.

Matthew comes from a family that has been in business in the Huntsville, Alabama area for over 75 years so it was only natural that he decided to go into business for himself.  After selling everything most of his personal possessions and securing a loan with the help of his Grandfather (H.C. Blevins) who believed in him, Blevins Bicycle Company slowly started to become a reality. Countless hours of work along with sleeping at the shop for the first year was a pretty rough start but hard work and determination made his dreams a reality.